Specialty Paving offers Site preparation & Grading, Drainage solutions, as well as Asphalt Paving, Resurface, and Patching in the Prescott AZ area.

Site Preparation & Grading

Site preparation may include removing and trees, shrubbery or any debris in the work area and completing any rough grading that is needed.

Grading is the process of making a base level for a specific project such as roadways, parking lots or driveways. This may include importing and installing aggregate base material. Without a firm foundation of grading, compaction and drainage, no paving project will last. This is an essential step in the process.


Creating opportunities for water to drain off the asphalt may be essential to maintaining the longevity of the asphalt installation.

Installation of a culvert and drainage ditch will create an opportunity for water to drain off your asphalt and stop erosion.

Parking lots may require a catch basin or storm drain so water can be diverted to keep water from accumulating in a parking lot.

Proper drainage protects asphalt from deterioration and erosion of the base material.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt surfaces are designed to be cost effective and for all weather use. Asphalt is the main choice for roadways, parking lots and many driveways throughout the nation. Asphalt aids dust control, noise reduction and helps ease safety concerns such as tripping hazards.
When Asphalt is installed and maintained correctly it should last up to 20 years
Specialty Paving

Specialty Paving

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